Earth smiles through flowers :)

Earth Laughs in flowers

Every flower is a soul blossoming in nature !!

~ by Amruta Deore on February 17, 2012.

29 Responses to “Earth smiles through flowers :)”

  1. Love the colors!

  2. Why do you call you blog ‘not so creative’?
    It doesn’t fit… I think.

    I love your photos

    • Thanks.. actually its a funny story!
      My boyfriend is a graphic designer and he is extremely creative. He has an extremely artistic point of view and is very good at designing. He is very humble and does not like to publish his work anywhere(even anonymously).
      Whenever he asks me for my feedback on his work I always end up liking something that he does not like at all. So, once he jokingly said that I need to have a creative point of view. That is what I thought of when i was giving a name to my blog and I thought of naming it “Not So Creative” 😀

  3. I love your description of the photo.

  4. You ARE creative!

  5. Hello and congratulations! You’ve just been awarded the Versatile Blogger Award. I do enjoy reading your posts. There is no pressure to take part, but if you wish to know what it entails, click on:

    Have a great weekend!

    • Thanks a lot Christine.. Its a pleasure to know that u like my blog so much.. but my blog is all about photographs.. so its not really a versatile blog.. I dont think i should be getting this one.. thanks for awarding it to me 🙂

  6. Oh! you’ve got such a lovely blog here! “Not so creative”, yet so creative! I love your pictures!

  7. So beautiful!! Love it! 🙂

  8. The softness of this is very nice. As is the vibrant color.


  9. My wise old grandmother used to say, “Planting a seed today provides faith in tomorrow.”

  10. Very nice. Wonderful colour

  11. Your photos are getting really good. Well done and keep it up.

  12. Pretty. Good shot, too!

  13. I am sure you know you are creative… You don’t mean this ? Do you ? .. Give a credit for all the wonderful people upstairs who think that you are creative and made the effort to say “well done” …
    But surely you don’t mean that…
    And … “well done” …
    You can call it ” ex- not so creative” …

    • Hehe.. thanks !!
      Your comments inspire me to improve for better 🙂
      Please keep visiting and keep up the encouraging words 😛

    • Well as i told someone.. I was wondering what to mane my blog
      I have a very good friend who is a great artist (according to me!).. but somehow he never seems to like what I like.. We always have a difference of opinion.. he always teases me saying that I don’t have a creative eye for things.. So I named it not so creative 😛

  14. i like your short text w/your image, very nice synergy, thanks! 😉

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