Holy colors

Holy colors

Holy colors

If you visit the temples in India you will find outside streets lined with stalls selling all the things required for pooja (praying).

I clicked this picture at one such stalls. These beads are special and are known as “rudraksha“. These are malas (necklace) that can be worn around the neck or can also be used for praying (like the Catholics use the rosary).

The rudraksha is considered sacred as it believed that they were born out of tears of Lord Shiva. The one more amazing thing about these beads is that it rotates when placed between copper coins/plates or also between your fingernails.

~ by Amruta Deore on March 21, 2012.

9 Responses to “Holy colors”

  1. Gorgeous coloring- thanks for explaining these beads. I’m vaguely familiar with Indian religion thanks to my obsession with Christopher Pike books so it’s nice to see a little more explanation.

  2. Nice photo. I like the interplay of colour & texture.

  3. Beautiful! A dear friend of mine is en route to India as I type… hope that finding this post tonight (randomly) means her trip will be successful. She is visiting an Ayurvedic Hospital there! Sending good thoughts your way! RL

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