Bhimashankar – A journey down the memory lane

Bhimashankar Temple

Bhimashankar Temple

Bhimashankar is a beautiful place situated in the state of Maharashtra, India. It is one of the 12 Jyotirlingas in India. I had been wanting to visit this place since a long time (about 2 years), however last weekend is when I finally visited it.

This place holds a lot of memories for me. I currently stay in Pune, Maharshtra which is about 130km away from Bhimashankar. While travelling from Pune to Bhimashankar one comes across a series of small towns and villages. A couple of these villages is where my grandparents used to work as teachers when I was small girl (they were transferred from one place to another within this region).When I was a small girl from kindergarten, I would visit them every year during my summer and winter vacations. After I grew up and my grandparents retired and started staying with us:D , I practically had no reason nor an occassion to go back to these places. So, when the plan to visit Bhimashankar was finalise, I had decided I would stop at these villages and visit the places where I grew up.

The journey from Pune to Bhimashankar gets scenic and beautiful once you enter these rural areas. You see lush green fields, serene water bodies in the midst of hills and small lonely temples on the way.

I had decided to wait at two of the villages -Ghodegaon and Pimplagaon on the way where I had spent maximum years of my childhood.. when I was a very very small kid and when I was well just a kid.. I would have loved to stay back at multiple places but my friends who were travelling with me were not so enthusiastic about it.. So I finalised only two villages.

The first place was Ghodegaon where not only me but even my mom had spent golden years of her childhood. I still remember the times when I used to visit my grandparents and my mom used to show me the house where she had grown up. It was a pretty small house made of bricks and mud by a small water stream. I had planned to visit the house as well as the school where my grandparents used to teach. So, I was pretty excited when I was nearing the place. But once we entered the village I was shocked looking at the way it had changed. It was so stupid of me not to consider this happening!!

The entire village had a great makeover.. some for good and some for bad 😦

The small stream of water was no longer a small serene stream but was almost like a gutter of waste water. Tall buildings had sprawled up around the village which made it practically impossible for me to look up for the small mud house (I doubt if it even exists now!!). I was looking out at everything in amazement (or shock I cant say!!) and suddenly I noticed something familiar. It was a beautiful temple situated on the outskirts of the village where my grandfather used to take me everyday in the evening. It is called “Harishchandracha Deool” – Temple of Harishchandra. I immediately asked my driver to stop. I walked across the street and down the stairs towards the temple. I was pleasantly surprised to see that this part of memory was very much intact and same. It too had changed but for better :). The small temple of Kalika and Shivalinga were the same and very much there along with the small water “kund”. I took darshan in the temple and felt extremely content and happy!! I also managed to click some photographs (dont know if it was even allowed) to show them to my grandparents.

Harishchandracha Deool


After that we moved on for our further journey. The next place I had planned to visit was Pimpalgaon. It is situated further ahead of Ghodegaon before a place called Dimba. On the way I was wondering if this place too had changed beyond my imagination. I was hoping it had not.. however, unluckily it had and to such an extent that we passed it and I did not even realise the place. Damn!!!

I was so angry at myself after we passed the place and arrived at a place called Dimba (it was then that I realised I had failed to recognize the place!!). I told the driver to make it a point of waiting there on our journey back so I could visit the school (where my grandparents used to teach) and the house(where they used to stay). I would like to mention why the schools are so special to me. First thing I was grandchild of two teachers, so visit to the school meant a lot of love, care and respect from their students!! Second thing, I made a hell lot of friends. I never had lonely times at these places. These places being small village had all the students staying nearby and they were always ready to play with me 🙂

Ok so back to the journey now. We had reached Dimba. It is a small place too but the place is famous because of a nearby huge dam built on Ghod river that nourishes the surrounding farms and fields. One can have a beautiful view of the dam from the roads in the mountains that leads to Bhimashankar. I was lucky to capture this one :

Dam at Dimba

Dam at Dimba

What I forgot to mention is that Bhimashankar is not just a holy place but it has a wildlife sanctuary too!! So you have to pass from a part of this sanctuary to visit Bhimashankar. Sadly I did not see even a single animal(not even a lizard!!) while travelling through the sanctuary. However, it was very pleasant to travel through lush green forest in this extremely hot summer of India. So, after a trip of about three hours we finally arrived at Bhimashankar.. The place is amazingly calm and serene.. The way to the temple is engulfed by small street stalls selling all the praying things.. My friends purchased some idols while I took permissions to take photographs at the stalls!!

We also bought some prasad (any food item that you can give to others after offering it to god first which makes it holy) for family and friends after. We walked to the temple and took darshan. Sadly, I could not take any photographs inside the temple as it is not allowed to do so :(. However, I was relieved and happy that I had finally made it!! This place has a long history which you can read here :

Temple Bell - Ghanta

Temple Bell - Ghanta

Bhimashankar temple - view from back

Bhimashankar temple - view from back

Rock carved Ganesh Idol

Rock carved Ganesh Idol

Deepstambha outside the temple- Used to put lightened diyas

Deepstambha outside the temple- Used to put lightened diyas

We were very tired after the darshan (forgot to mention a friend who threw up thrice on the way as she is extremely sensitive to motion sickness). Anyways we had plans to visit the other places around Bhimashankar but looking at her condition we decided we better not!! So we decided to return back. On the way back the driver stopped at Pimpalgaon and the place had changed beyond imagination. It just looked like a group of Buildings so I decided I better not enter there for now. I needed time and that too alone so that I could visit the place again and roam around alone without obligations or causing trouble to anyone who is travelling with me.

I am instead planning a road trip on my scooter again to this place now as early as possible. I will write about it as soon as I am back and I hope that it will be a pleasurable experience and not a disastrous one as this one. Wish me luck!!

PS : It is always a great experience to visit the places where you spent your childhood. Remember how happy you felt when you met that friend of yours from school? Think how happy you will feel if you visit you school, meet you teachers, have a get together. We are always so busy with our materialistic lives that we forget the simple pleasure these things bring to our lives. So a humble request to all those who took efforts of reading this article. Please do it!! Re-visit your childhood, you will learn how happy it makes you 🙂

~ by Amruta Deore on March 23, 2012.

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  1. It’s nice to walk down memory lanes.

  2. Loved the pics, and the narration. Very nice– kinda makes me want to go back to my childhood home! Also like the new site design. 😉

  3. great images and memory!!!

  4. Lovely pics! and yes… we should speed up our road trip planning process. 😉

  5. You really make it appear so easy with your presentation but I find this matter to be actually something that I think I might never understand. It seems too complicated and very broad for me. I’m having a look ahead for your subsequent submit, I will attempt to get the cling of it!

  6. Hey, very well written and good pics…..
    Made me remember similar moments I had spent during my school days!!

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